When we Drink….





Length: Drabble

Nickhun 2PM
Victoria f(x)

Dis: Aseli punyaku.. bukan punya siapa-siapa.. -_^

Note: FF pendek yang terjadi karena aku rela nih couple pisah ToT… padahal kan suka nonton WGM karena mereka #curcol.. KhunToria jadian beneran dong.. #plakk.. Ini yang aseli nya sementara yang Indonesia nya yang ini

When we Drink….



When i drink…


All sweet memories is replay again like a movie.
I remember at we met in first time, take selca’s together, cooking food for you, meet with your big family, and still more funny things i ever do with you.
I smiled at i remember you protect me when i scary , you hold my hand . And that’s make me sure if you’re my man.
I know not way for us to still together..
But in my heart always you Khun.


When i drink….


Your face always in my mind, i can’t stop thinking about you.
I remember your angry face at you look me with other girl, how beautiful your looking at wear the weding dress, the dellicious food made by you, and many things can make me remember to you.
And i still remember if do you like to sleep on my shoulder, it so make me embrassed and happy.
So hard to leave you, after what we do together.
But i must leave you..
And no matter what happens i still love you Vic…


When we drink together in a first time..
We can feel the same thing we had….
A thing called LOVE….
We will belong together and forever….






Mian kalo inggrisnya masih ancur.. ^^


6 thoughts on “When we Drink….

  1. misstis 권선녀 says:

    Aku nggak terlalu pinter bahasa inggris, tapi ternyata aku bisa ngerti juga bahasa inggrisnya. Walau ada satu dua kata yang harus aku cari transelatannya dulu =p
    Jadi inget lagi masa-masa we got married ~o~


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