Conversation 1



Kyuhyun: Hello Daesung, long time no see…how are you?

Daesung: Oh, Kyuhyun! Nice to meet you again, and like you see… I’m fine

Kyuhyun: Yeah, you right. You look so fine! Hmm… I heard you go with Tika to Bruno Mars concert last night, are you dating with her?

Daesung: Actually… i still want to close with her and then i will reavealed my feeling to her. And Kyuhyun how do yu think about her?

Kyuhyun: She’s a good girl and take care with people beside her. I think she’a match with you.

Daesung: Really?

Kyuhyun: Yeah.. (sigh) I’m serious.

Daesung : If like that, thanks for your opinion. I must go now because Tika wait me in front of class. Bye!

Kyuhyun: Ok, Bye!


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