Conversation 2



Tika : Kyuhyun … Can i ask your opinion?

Kyuhyun: Opinion? About what?

Tika: Mmm… about… Daesung !

Kyuhyun: Daesung? What’s happen with him?

Tika: He’s fine, but i want ask you.  How if I dating with him? Are you think we match?

Kyuhyun: Match? I… I don’t agree you match with him

Tika: Why? Why do you think like that?

Kyuhyun: It’s… because….

Tika: Because what Kyu? Tell me!

Kyuhyun: I like you Tika ! I like you..and that’s why, I don’t agree you with him..

Tika: (sigh)…… So do you like me Kyu??

Kyuhyun: Yes..

Tika: Actually… I… like you too Kyu !


2 thoughts on “Conversation 2

  1. chanyb says:

    Me : halo dae. ??
    Dae : halo bebb. . .
    Me : i want 2 tell u sme fact bout ur grlfriend… She is selingkuh dae. . . . Selingkuh. . . . .
    Dae : appwwwaaa #bnting hp

    dan pd akhrnya daesungpun b’pling pd saia wkekekekeke. . . . . .


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